Version 3 Update

April 8, 2017: After long development and testing, we will be releasing version 3.0 of the myOverhead Calculating System. 

There are several things that have been updated, some visual to make it more user friendly, some core to how calculations are made to get your numbers more precisely dialed in.

Visual Changes:

  • The theme will be noticeably different. It does use a new responsive layout that better adjusts to different screen sizes. However, due to the size of some editors, and the data presented, you will still have the best experience on a screen at least tablet size.
  • Better tie in to get you help where you need it. While we still have the original training pages, we have added in guided help right on the pages, not only videos, but also step by step guides that will walk you through things right on the page!

Core Changes:

  • Reports have been updated to more precisely divide your costs across your direct labor groups.
  • Some other minor changes in the backend on how reports are generated. As always, the more detailed the data you put into the system, the more precise and accurate the reports will be for you. Depending on how detailed you entered data, you may or may not see some changed to your root numbers (the overhead, burden, and base rates).
  • Please be sure to note your new numbers, and if you have any questions about why they changed, we will be happy to go over them with you directly, just contact us and let us know.

We hope the new system will help you get more out of using our system. We also have even more features rolling out soon that go hand in hand with version 3. We are working on things such as timelime reports (see a chart of how your numbers changed throughout the year, or years). Worksheets that are industry specific, that will let you directly apply your core numbers in to calculating actual product costs. The new core system opens us up for all kinds of exciting additions to help you run your company to make higher profits by knowing your costs better!